Increasing muscle mass:

Primobolan is used to increase muscle mass, although it does not give as large a gain as some of the more potent steroids.
It works by increasing nitrogen retention and protein synthesis, leading to an increase in muscle size.

Muscle quality and definition:

Often used during cutting periods to achieve a lean, defined physique.
Helps with fat loss while preserving muscle.

Minimal water retention:

Primobolan is prized for not causing significant water retention, which is desirable during cutting periods.

Strength improvement:

Helps to increase strength, especially when maintaining lean body mass.

Minimises side effects:

Has a relatively low risk of side effects.

Liver safe:

Primobolan is one of the more benign anabolic steroids for the liver.


Standard dosages range from 400 mg to 800 mg per week, depending on the user’s experience and goals.


Often used in a stack with other steroids such as testosterone, trenbolone, or winstrol for a synergistic effect in building muscle mass or cutting.