Masterone Enanthate

Masterone Enanthate



Aid to fat loss:

Masterone Enanthate is valued by bodybuilders during cutting periods.
It helps to lose excess fat, giving the body a leaner, drier appearance.

Improved muscle definition:

Acts as a muscle ‘hardening’ agens, meaning it helps to create a harder, more defined muscle appearance.

Minimal water retention:

Masteron Enanthate does not cause water retention in the body, which is desirable during the cutting phase.

Increases strength:

Although not a typical strength enhancer, it helps maintain strength during the mass reduction period.

Slightly androgenic properties:

Can improve energy and aggression during training, which some bodybuilders find beneficial.

Pre-competition use:

Often used in the period immediately prior to competition to maximise muscle definition and hardness.


Usual dosages range from 200 mg to 600 mg per week, but other dosages may be used depending on the user’s experience and goals.


Often used in a stack with other steroids, such as testosterone, trenbolone, or winstrol, for a synergistic effect in the cutting process.